with Tati de Vasconcellos

26 April 2020

How about destroying and unravel everything you believed to be true about you and your life?


What would it be like to free yourself from fears, limiting beliefs, negative patterns of behavior and old concepts that never brought you anything good, and actually limited your choices, your achievements and your happiness?

Have you ever wanted the opportunity to create a new reality?

In this course you will have! You will learn tools and concepts that will destroy what you have created as a limitation of your reality!

Access Consciousness®️ Bars is a transformative therapeutic process that works through soft touches at 32 points on the head that connect with different aspects of our life and that store electromagnetic components of the neural synapses of all the negative experiences that we have already lived and that condition the patterns of our personality that cause us suffering and limitations.


The most common benefits after Access Bar therapy:


  • improvement of mental clarity, disposition and concentration and the ability to solve problems;

  • reduction of anxiety, depression, agitated thoughts and sleep problems;

  • increased joy, satisfaction and motivation in life;

  • deep relaxation, more energy, disposition and spirit;

  • elimination of negative behavior patterns;

  • fast recovery from surgery with less pain;

  • strengthening of the immune system;

  • reduction of physical and mental tensions;

  • relief from trauma, phobias and stress;

  • inner peace.


The course is internationally certified and you will be able to act professionally.

Date / Time

26 April 2020 - 10:00 pm -

06:00 pm







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