Chakras Journey

Immerse yourself in this journey through your chakras, and learn how to heal your body and mind with this powerful tool that exists inside us. 


Yoga is a Sanskrit word that means to connect, unite, or 'yoke'. The yoking of matter with spirit, body with mind, personal with universal and mortal with immortal. The chakra system is the architecture of this yoke, the map of how the mortal and the Divine connect. In Sanskrit, the word chakra means wheel or disk and indicates a point of intersection where mind and body meet. 


The chakras are energy centers that capture, store, and distribute vital energy, or prāna, through the body. We have thousands of chakras in our subtle bodies. Still, we consider seven of them as our main chakras.

This program is in Portuguese.


Root Chakra / Muladhara

The root chakra relates to the earth and earthly things, such as our bodies, strength, survival, our material and monetary existence, and our capacity to concentrate and express our needs.

Sacral Chakra / Svadhisthana

This chakra relates to our primary and continued attachment to others, starting with the vital maternal and paternal chakras cord, to the mother and the father, from where we get our human needs met through meaningful and emotional relationships.

Solar Plexus Chakra / Manipura

The purpose of the third chakra is transformation. When we bring together matter and movement, we find that together it generates a third state: energy. This chakra transforms the passive elements of earth (first chakra) and water (second chakra) into dynamic energy and power.

Heart Chakra / Anahata

The central point of the chakra system. This is our spiritual center, our core, the place that unites forces from above and below, within and without. The task of chakra four is to integrate and balance the various aspects of our being.

Throat Chakra / Vishudha

Chakra five is the center related to communication through sound, vibration, self-expression, and creativity. It's the realm of consciousness that controls, creates, transmits, and receives communication, both within ourselves and between each other.

Third Eye Chakra / Ajna

The gift of seeing - both inner and outer - is the essence and function of chakra six. Through seeing, we have both a means to internalize the outer world, and a symbolic language of externalizing the inner world.

Crown Chakra / Sahasrara

Here we find the infinitely profound seat of cosmic consciousness known as the seventh chakra. This chakra connects us to divine intelligence and the source of all manifestation. It's the means through which we reach understanding and find meaning.


Chakra Journey is a series of seven video lessons, each designed to balance one of our seven main chakras.

The purpose of a chakra-based yoga practice is to inspire the spiritual awakening through the divine energy of Shakti, which flows freely through our core and activates all our chakras.

With each class, you will be guided by a brief explanation of the chakra, its bija mantras, a complete yoga practice, with postures focused on balancing and unlocking that chakra, as well as a meditation.


You will learn about:

  • what is each chakra;

  • what are its bija-mantras;

  • different pranayamas (breathing techniques) and yoga mantras;

  • sequences of postures for each chakra.

In addition to other benefits such as:

  • energetic stimulus;

  • increased health;

  • balance of the endocrine system;

You will also have access to:

  • seven video lessons, each one designed to balance one of our seven main chakras;

  • a handout developed exclusively to the journey's students;

  • a quiz to learn which of your chakras are unbalanced or blocked;

  • an exclusive channel to discuss questions related to the journey with May Beckhauser.


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