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Root Chakra / Muladhara

The root chakra relates to the earth and earthly things, such as our bodies, strength, survival, our material and monetary existence, and our capacity to concentrate and express our needs.

Begin your energy work with this class, it is the foundation for all other energy centers.

This practice contains a lot of balance postures, pranayama working at an equal pace to inhale, exhale.  This practice contains a lot of balance postures, pranayama working at an equal pace to inhale, exhale.

Sacral Chakra / Svadhisthana

This chakra relates to our primary and continued attachment to others, starting with the vital maternal and paternal chakras cord, to the mother and the father, from where we get our human needs met through meaningful and emotional relationships.

In this class we connect strongly with the energy of the Sacred Feminine. 

Introspective class, smooth rhythm, movements to bring flow. Guided relaxation to open yourself to the energy of surrender, surrender.

Solar Plexus Chakra / Manipura

The purpose of the third chakra is transformation. When we bring together matter and movement, we find that together it generates a third state: energy. This chakra transforms the passive elements of earth (first chakra) and water (second chakra) into dynamic energy and power.

Class with a more intense rhythm of postures, excellent to practice in the morning, starting the day with vitality and disposition.

Initiation to bija mantra, sound only, of the solar plexus in meditation. In this class we learn the most famous Yoga mantra, Gayatri.

Heart Chakra / Anahata

The central point of the chakra system. This is our spiritual center, our core, the place that unites forces from above and below, within and without. The task of chakra four is to integrate and balance the various of our being.

This class leads us to open our hearts, physically and energetically. Many retroflection postures and respiratory cleaning of the lungs - the organ that assimilates the feeling of sadness and isolation. In this class you will be guided to clear your hurts, accept the past and open yourself to the now. 

Throat Chakra / Vishudha

Chakra five is the center related to communication through sound, vibration, self-expression, and creativity. It's the realm of consciousness that controls, creates, transmits, and receives communication, both within ourselves and between each other.

This class works a lot with the vibration in the throat through different breaths with sound: Ujjayi Pranayama, Sopro Há, Sitali pranayama, Bhramari pranayama, postures to release the tension of the neck, releasing of the energy of truth. 

Third Eye Chakra / Ajna

The gift of seeing - both inner and outer - is the essence and function of chakra six. Through seeing, we have both a means to internalize the outer world, and a symbolic language of externalizing the inner world.

In this class the focus is on the stimulation of the pineal gland, described as "home of the soul". Class with seated postures and preparation for inverted over the head and focus on meditation and pranayamas. 

Take this class regularly and if you feel you are not ready to open your third eye, you are having a lot of intense dreams, ringing in your ear just practice the first chakra class for grounding again. 

Crown Chakra / Sahasrara

Here we find the infinitely profound seat of cosmic consciousness known as the seventh chakra. This chakra connects us to divine intelligence and the source of all manifestation. It's the means through which we reach understanding and find meaning.

This class is to connect with the divine, no longer as a belief that you have been taught, but with the real feeling of feeling connected to the Whole, to the Creative Energy. A complete practice with breathing, postures, inverted on the forearms and head (optional raising the legs, the beginner variation is presented), yoga Nidra, guided meditation.


Chakra Journey is a series of seven video lessons, each designed to balance one of our seven main chakras.

Besides the classes, you will have access to:

  • a handout developed exclusively to the journey's students;

  • a quiz to learn which of your chakras are unbalanced or blocked;

  • an exclusive channel to discuss questions related to the journey with May Beckhauser.

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