The Chakra System

Yoga is a Sanskrit word that means to connect, unite or 'yoke'. The yoking of matter with spirit, body with mind, personal with universal and mortal with immortal. The chakra system is the architecture of this yoke, the map of how the mortal and the Divine connect.

The word chakra in Sanskrit means wheel or disk and indicates a point of intersection where mind and body meet. Like the yoga, the first mention of the chakras goes back to the Vedas, a series of hymns that are the oldest written tradition in India.

There are seven main chakras, which exist within our subtle body and are gateways to various other dimensions. These energy centers are arranged along a vertical column in our bodies, called sushumna. In addition to this central pathway there are several other alternative energy channels known as nadis, which move certain types of energy through the same vortex.

Chakras can be open or closed, excessive or deficient. These states can be fundamental aspects of personality during most of life, or something that varies according to the circumstance. When we experience the opening of a chakra, we also find a more in-depth knowledge of the state of consciousness associated with it.

In the physical sphere, they correspond to specific regions of the body and can be felt as butterflies in the stomach, frogs in the throat, palpitations in the heart, or the sensation of an orgasm. Recognizing and understanding the physical associations enable us to use the chakra system to diagnose and sometimes to heal illness.

"To work with the chakras is to heal ourselves of old constricting patterns lodged in the body to the mind or habitual behavior." - Anodea Judith.

Every yoga posture can help to open or heal a chakra. The purpose of a chakra-based yoga practice is to inspire the spiritual awakening through the divine energy of Shakti, which flows freely through our core and activates all our chakras.

We have developed special classes focused in each chakra, check it here.

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