Exclusive prenatal yoga program with May Beckhauser

This program was developed to give energy, vitality and security to the mom.


It has a strong energetic work with crystal bells, visualizations, mentalizations, induced relaxation and guided meditation for the mom be able to  connect with her breathing, spirituality and sensitivity, helping to  lessen the anxieties inherent during the pregnancy.

Some classes can be advanced from the physical point of view if the pregnant woman was sedentary. Do not be discouraged by thinking "this is not for me", take advantage of the security that this course provides you with only including postures allowed for pregnant women and the vast experience of the teacher with pregnant women, to bring this energetic movement in your physical body that will bring many health benefits.

This is a Portuguese course. 


  • 9 Yoga classes for pregnant women developed exclusively with May Beckhauser

  • Unique and different, holistic and integrative course

  • Chakras alignment with sound healing

  • Hoponomo healing meditation for energetic harmonization between mom and baby

  • Relief postures of muscle pains

  • Breathing for anxiety relief

  • Hips opening preparation for vaginal delivery

  • Sun salutation sequence adapted for pregnant women

  • The teacher is pregnant while filming, in some classes at 35 weeks

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