Chakras I

with Mayara Beckhauser

8 May 2020

In Sanskrit, the word chakra means wheel.

Chakras are the energy centers of our body. There are thousands of chakras throughout the body, but seven are considered the main ones.


By balancing your chakras you can balance your entire life. Understand behavioral patterns, increase your energy, vitality, work your emotions.


In this 4-hour course, Mayara Beckhauser addresses in the form of theory and experiences:


  • what are the energy centers;

  • the subtle body;

  • energy meridians and kundalini;

  • the connection with the elements of the chakras;

  • the relationship of the chakras to the emotions;

  • how to balance your chakras;

  • how to know the unbalanced chakra;

  • how to feel your chakras;

  • energizing meditation;

  • family healing through the chakras;

  • crystals, essential oils and mantra for each chakra.

Includes handout developed exclusively for the workshop.


About the Instructor

Mayara started practicing yoga at the age of 16. She always liked to stretch alone and have quiet moments reading or laying down with some crystal.

When she took her first yoga class, it was like a reunion with something she didn’t know that had a name. Her passion for helping other human beings to transform themselves, led her to teach.


May has a unique style, mixing Hatha Yoga, Kirtans, chakras alignment, crystal healing and other techniques achieved during more than 15 years of Yoga study and healing techniques.She calls her style Holistic Yoga.

Date / Time

08 May 2020

09:30 am - 01:30 pm







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