Yoga & Ayuverda Retreat

with May Beckhauser and Lu Ferraz

April 4-5, 2020

Yoga and Ayurveda are a complete system of well-being. They are two interrelated branche of the same great tree of Vedic knowledge that encompasses all human life and the entire universe.

Yoga and Ayurveda are not merely two separate but related healing disciplines of India. Each has its unique place and function, but each overlaps into the other on various levels. Ayurveda is the Vedic system developed specifically for healing purposes. Yoga is the Vedic system of spiritual practice (sadhana). 

We will learn through Yoga practice, Pranayama (healing breathing techniques), Mantras (sacred sounds of healing frequencies), meditations, visualizations, herbs, food and lifestyles ways to bring our born divine consciousness into daily life. 

We will go home after this weekend feeling nurtured, whole and inspired!


Saturday, 4th April

7:30am - Kriyas

7:45am - Morning Yoga

9:30am - Tea and oatmeal

11:30am - Ayurveda Talk

1:00pm - Ayurveda Cooking Demonstration

1:30pm - Lunch

3:00pm - Yoga talk

4:30pm - Tea and fruits

5:00pm - Tantric Pranayamas – Emotions Liberation

6:00pm - Set your intentions for the Super Full Moon

7:00pm - Dinner


Sunday, 5th April

7:30am - Kriyas and Pranayamas

8:00am - Yoga Asanas

9:15am - Sound Healing and chakras balance

9:30am - Tea and oatmeal

11:30am - Ayurveda Talk

1:30pm - Lunch

3:00pm - Yoga talk

4:00pm - Breathwork – Liberation of Anahata and Vishudha Chakra

4:30pm - Tea and fruits

5:00pm - Restorative Yoga

6:00pm - Dinner and Departure


Heart's Tapestry House

Homeasted is a city within Miami-Dade County in the US state of Florida, between Biscayne National Park to the east and Everglades National Park to the west.Found just 30 miles south of Miami.


This house is a healing center, with a lot of trees, crystals, energy from the Mother Earth, a big room to practice yoga, cozy accommodations, big kitchen to cook our oatmeal after our sadhana, cook the kitchari, laugh, learn and have fun.

How to get there

If you are coming from Brazil or other town you can arrive by plane in Miami International Airport and rent a car to drive 40 minutes until Homeastead.

If you prefer to go by Uber it will cost approximately US$55 per trip ($110 round trip).


$620 - including 1 or 2 nights accommodation, all yoga classes, all lessons, all meals.  -

$440 - all yoga classes, all lessons, all meals (no accommodation)


Phone: +1(786)614-7510


Click here to download the brochure with all information >

BRICKELL: 40 SW 13th St #1003, Miami, FL 33131    |   SUNNY ISLES: 3363 NE 163rd St STE 702, North Miami Beach, FL 33160

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